Never Stop Learning How to Sell

It’s graduation season again and this year I get to be a part of that group which walks across the stage, receive a college degree, and go out into the working world. Before I get there however I had one last paper to write; a book report on Jeffrey Gitomer’s The Sales Bible. Reading it I […]Read More

Going Viral

Traditional forms of marketing have been decreasing over the past decade due to new products that have enabled consumers to block out the inconvenient, and of course unwanted, ads.  Print advertisements, television commercials, and radio advertisements have been the most affected forms of marketing due to products that have enabled and even enhanced consumers’ arsenals […]Read More

Can Advertising Be Too Creative?

Like most Americans one of my favorite days of the year Superbowl Sunday. The beauty of it is I can get together with my football friends and talk about the big game, or I sit there with my friends who aren’t interested in the game and talk about the real entertainment, the commercials. Usually there […]Read More

Why Small Business Needs Big Social Media

It’s been said over and over again in business the last few years; if you are trying to market you NEED to be on social media. Why is social media so important? For starters it’s the best way to directly connect with customers. Anytime something big is happening with your company and you need to […]Read More

LinkedIn Marketing Strategies

Content Creation LinkedIn is a social media website that is designed to help individuals and businesses network in the professional community. A company’s page can create an easily accessible inside view of a company for its current and prospective customers while it enables the company to have a better understanding of their customers’ demographics, wants, […]Read More

5 Marketing Resolutions for the New Year

Since 2012 is soon to be a wrap, it only seems fitting to decide your 2013 marketing resolutions. Marketing is one of the most important aspects of a business, be sure to think long and hard on your new resolutions. Look back at the past year, and decide what you may have done differently. If […]Read More

Increase Your Company’s Sales Through YouTube

Did you know YouTube has become the second most used search engine? This is why your company should utilize this social media channel. Video marketing can increase your company’s sales drastically. This is why video marketing should be implemented into your company’s marketing plan. Why has YouTube become so big? Videos keep people’s attention, rather […]Read More

Protect Yourself From the Flu this Season

Did you know the flu season could start as early as October? Have you gotten your flu vaccine yet? The seasonal flu usual begins in the Fall and ends in the Spring. You may be asking when should you receive the flu vaccine? That is why we are writing this post! We want you to […]Read More