Going Viral

March 29, 2013

Traditional forms of marketing have been decreasing over the past decade due to new products that have enabled consumers to block out the inconvenient, and of course unwanted, ads.  Print advertisements, television commercials, and radio advertisements have been the most affected forms of marketing due to products that have enabled and even enhanced consumers’ arsenals against traditional media efforts.  The following products have lead to the decline of traditional advertisements effectiveness: increased use of the Internet, Smartphones, Satellite Radio, DVR, TiVo, iHeart Radio, and Pandora.  But why are these products so effective?  Well, I would contribute it to the need and/or desire for consumers to increase the number of hours in the day.  This of course is not possible; therefore, the only way to experience this feeling is through the process of multitasking.

Most of the products mentioned above were designed to simplify consumers’ demanding lives in one way or another.  For example the Internet allows consumers to search for a desired company’s information: hours of operation, product offerings/services, phone number, and coupons.  Social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) have enhanced the consumers’ experiences on the Internet by enabling the consumer to access insider information such as new products, locations, and/or coupons for companies of their choosing.  DVR, TiVo, iHeart Radio, Satellite Radio, and Pandora, on the other hand, has enabled consumers to either reduce or completely eliminate companies’ interjected commercials within their selected program/s.  These products cater to what the consumer wishes to hear and/or wants to see.

If consumers are able to drastically reduce the number of advertisements he or she sees, what does this mean for advertisers?  Well, advertising companies must catch the eye and connect emotionally with the consumer on some level.   This is where viral ads come into play.  Viral ads are my favorite type of advertising because companies typically take creativity to an entirely new level.  If done correctly, consumers will feel connected to the advertisement either in a positive or even a negative way and feel compelled to share it with friends, family, acquaintances, and eventually the world.  The best viral videos connect in some way with the lifestyle the brand has immersed itself into.  Please click the following links to view some of my favorite and highly affective viral videos by Red Bull, GoPro, and Budweiser.

Red Bull Kluge

Red Bull Stratos


The Clydesdales: “Brotherhood”

By: Shelley Mitchell