Increase Your Company’s Sales Through YouTube

October 15, 2012

Did you know YouTube has become the second most used search engine? This is why your company should utilize this social media channel. Video marketing can increase your company’s sales drastically. This is why video marketing should be implemented into your company’s marketing plan.

Why has YouTube become so big? Videos keep people’s attention, rather than long articles. People of all ages- both young and old use YouTube. Businesses should use YouTube for many reasons. Inform potential customers about your business. These potential customers can learn about your business prior to contacting you. Businesses should also take their YouTube videos and place them on their webpages. Google has started to rank webpages higher when they contain videos. Businesses can demonstrate their expertise and knowledge about their industry. Remember, 10 million people watch YouTube everyday if you don’t have videos on YouTube, your customers will learn about your competition.

Are you convinced yet? If not, here are 4 steps to show how easy it is to create YouTube videos:

1. Decide the message of your video:

You must first ask yourself- what type of business are you and who are your customers? Remember to inform your customers do not try to sell them on some product. (40% of searches on YouTube are “how to” videos).

2. Record and Edit your video:

Make sure to convey one piece of information. Have clear, concise, thoughts. Create your video and edit.

3. Create your business’s YouTube channel           

4. Distribute your video to current and past clients:

Send your video out to past clients through an email blast; add the video to your monthly email blast. Don’t forget to share your new video through social media. LinkedIn is a great place to share your video. Join groups, post your videos, and be involved in discussions. Get the viewers to watch the video on your website. Create lead captures (white papers, information forms, etc.) so you can obtain their information to educate them more.

Increase your sales through Video Marketing. In today’s age, it is imperative to have a YouTube channel. Remember, YouTube has become the second most used search engine. Begin creating videos today to educate current customers and potential customers. Don’t get discouraged if you do not see immediate results. Stay positive and keep with it.