LinkedIn Marketing Strategies

March 8, 2013

Content Creation

LinkedIn is a social media website that is designed to help individuals and businesses network in the professional community. A company’s page can create an easily accessible inside view of a company for its current and prospective customers while it enables the company to have a better understanding of their customers’ demographics, wants, and needs. This social media website allows users to search, create, and/or access viable content. Creating content on the company’s LinkedIn page is crucial in order to gain more followers.

The creation of content in LinkedIn can also benefit a company’s search engine optimization (SEO). It is recommended that the company create new content each day. This can be done in only a few minutes by typing a brief update. In order to network most efficiently through LinkedIn it is recommended that the businesses:

1. Customize LinkedIn URL to include company’s name
2. Link the URL to the company’s pages (website, blogs, Twitter page, Facebook page, Pinterest page)
3. Link to the URL (on other social media page,business email, company blogs)
4. Recommend and get recommendations (recommend businesses, contractors, former employees in order to receive recommendations)
5. Create/Lead a group (typically the group members are in the same industry or have similar interests)
6. Include educational content in order to create Buzz

Targeting Your Audience

Did you know LinkedIn enables businesses to reach their targeted audience through targeted messages catered to a defined demographic? With over 200 million professionals and businesses on LinkedIn this option is extremely beneficial for companies of all sizes. But how is it done? A company with a LinkedIn profile can use LinkedIn’s analytical and insight studies tools in order to define their targeted audience on LinkedIn. The target audience of a company’s LinkedIn is defined by their followers’ demographic/s – ethnicity, age, gender, geographic, etc. In order to reach these consumers the company must cater their strategy to the defined demographic/s. The company can also take a more direct route via contacting individuals in the targeted audience via InMail, LinkedIn’s version of an email inbox. Due to LinkedIn’s reputation as a social media website where professionals and businesses connect, users are more likely to open their LinkedIn emails.

By: Shelley Mitchell (Intern)